Beamish Associates International is a network of experienced professional consultants who have worked with the problem of optimizing human performance in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and public service organisations in many different countries.

How can BAI help?

BAI is dedicated to helping organisations find their own solutions to their unique problems. BAI approaches every problem from the special viewpoint of each organisation, combining their experience and expertise with your knowledge of your organisation to arrive at solutions you can comfortably operate.

BAI provide a range of consultancy services from problem analysis and design of solutions to implementation and training.

What kind of organisation do we help?

BAI works with organisations where people make the difference between success and failure. Most organisations agree that whilst people are an organisation’s greatest resource they can also be the greatest cause of problems. People can be complex, difficult and frustrating but they can also be inspired, loyal and productive given the right circumstances. BAI’s goal is to help organisations unlock the potential of their people to produce outstanding performance through creating the systems and environment to allow this to happen and training the people to make it happen.

Our Philosophy

BAI believe that people are the best paying investment an organisation can make, but only if they are carefully selected, trained properly, and given the environment and opportunities for real development. We believe that this simple formula has been lost in many organisations through years of over complication, neglect, or the search for the magic technique that will provide an instant panacea.