BAI offers a range of individually designed programmes to fit your specific needs.

Training is not always the appropriate response to a performance problem and we can analysis the problem and design non-training solutions. Our philosophy is one of trying to dissolve problems rather than just solve them.

Where training is an appropriate response to a performance problem we can design delivery and content in areas like Sales, Communications, Stress, Leadership and motivation, Problem solving and Selection techniques.

Below are some examples of programmes we have designed and delivered.

Examples of training courses

Selection and recruitment

S1 “Don’t put round pegs in square holes” - selection methods and interviewing skills.

S2 “How will I look?” - preparing yourself for the selection procedure.

S3 “You never told me before” - appraisal methods and skills.


C1 “What I really meant was--” - basic communications skills.

C2 “Why don’t the public understand us?” - how to handle the press, radio and television.

C3 “Kiss the Blarney Stone” - presentation skills.

C4 “If it wasn’t for meetings we might get something done” - making meetings produce more than more meetings.

C5 “Dealing with Difficult people” - how to communicate effectively with people who are less than friendly to you or your organisation.

C6 “Tell me a good story” – using story telling as a practical learning tool.

Leadership and Motivation

L1 “Don’t follow me, I’m only the leader.” - leadership styles that work.

L2 “Tomorrow’s leaders today” - work based development programme for potential managers, or senior managers.

L3 “Teamwork, not Team work!” - developing productive teams.

L4 “Where would I find the time” - time management.

L5 “Conflict’s not all bad” - resolving personal and organisational conflicts.

L6 “Maximising Personal Potential” - dealing with ambiguity and stress.


M1 “Talk less, sell more” - professional selling skills.

M2 “No we won’t split the difference” - how to negotiate successful outcomes.


T1 “Don’t do what I do, do what I tell you.” - basic skills for trainers.

Problem Solving

P1 “To be or not to be” - basic problem solving and decision-making.

P2 “No label problem solving” - creativity and alternative thinking.

P3 “Solving problems through negotiations” - how to go beyond just win/win.


S1 “Maximising Personal Performance” – how to cope with stress to improve performance.

S2 “Stress Strain and Management Performance.” In depth look at personal stress and how it affects Corporate performance.