Cavewall to the internet, storytelling the ancient learning art.

The purpose of this paper is to show the value of storytelling in developing organisational culture and values, facilitating change and accelerating learning. The paper looks at why storytelling is important and how it has survived and adapted to changing technologies. View full article...

Industrial and Commercial Training Vol 47 No 2 2015

We had the answers but you changed the questions

Why we need to change our thinking about coping with change.

Human Resource Management Magazine Russia 2013

How chief executives learn and what behaviour factors distinguish them from other people

The findings of research conducted to analyze the learning behaviors of top managers and what are the factors that differentiate them from normal employee learning behavior are presented. The analysis provides useful data for developing effective learning programs for senior managers.

Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 37 Iss: 3, pp.138 – 144

A Holistic view of Stress

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TRAP_training Roles Assessment profile

Pfeiffer and Jones Handbook of structured experiences for HR Training

How to cope with stress in a job search

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The Councillor’s guide to handling the media

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Kiss the Blarney Stone- a guaranteed cure for the Nightmares of presentation.